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Krav Maga is an eclectic hand to hand combat system developed in Israel

Our objective is to train to survive

Techniques are simple, effective & dynamic

Reality-based training is the only way to condition for survival

Train to defend against multiple attackers

Learn knife, gun & weapon defence tactics

Build confidence & toughness both mentally & physically

Our system pushes you out of your comfort zone to experience your true potential

Train hard, train smart, train to survive

Don't wait to be a victim, start Krav Maga training with Combat Krav Maga today








This is an intensive 6-­‐day course designed to cover all 10 levels of the Combat Krav Maga system. Participants will begin with basic self defense skills and awareness, and progress to learn more advanced techniques over the course of the program. These techniques will be trained under intense and physically demanding conditions that simulate real-­‐world situations. Methods to be covered include basic defense methods (blocks, kicks, strikes and proper footwork), handling single and multiple attackers, and proper defense techniques against common threats and/or attacks such as those from knives, sticks, chokes/other holds, guns (pistol and long-­‐arm), and many other potentially dangerous violent scenarios.

Upon completing this course participants will receive an official certificate indicating what level they have successfully graded to. Each grading is an official ability test given by the CKM Instructors, where completion is determined by his/her ability to demonstrate the specific requirements for that particular level. Grading certifications during this event are equivalent to passing our normal Ability Test Gradings held throughout the year. Grading during this course is officially recognized within our Krav Maga system and affiliated systems.

Learning this system will not only help you learn how to effectively defend yourself, those around you and the ones you love, but will also help increase your overall sense of confidence, self-­‐respect and self-­‐reliance. It will also challenge you in a way that will expose you to your true potential as a survivor in the face of danger.

This is a mentally AND physically challenging course that will help you develop skills for real world scenarios. Moderate levels of fitness are required and all participants that are not already CKM members must schedule an appointment to meet with our Head Instructor prior to enrollment. Previous self defense or martial arts backgrounds/experience is NOT required.

The course is broken up into two 3­‐day weekends that are one month apart from each other. Levels 1-­‐5 will be covered on 28, 29, & 30 of JULY (FRI, SAT & SUN). Levels 6-­‐10 will be covered the following month on the 25, 26 & 27 of AUGUST (FRI, SAT & SUN). All sessions meet from 10AM -­‐ 5PM at the Combat Krav Maga Studio in Grafton (89 Grafton Road, parking accommodations TBA). Participants have the option to pay for one weekend only if they prefer. The first weekend is open to any level of experience, while the second weekend is strictly open to members who have previously graded Level 5 or higher within the CKM system or affiliated Krav Maga system.  Spaces limited, contact us for further details...

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