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Krav Maga is an eclectic hand to hand combat system developed in Israel

Our objective is to train to survive

Techniques are simple, effective & dynamic

Reality-based training is the only way to condition for survival

Train to defend against multiple attackers

Learn knife, gun & weapon defence tactics

Build confidence & toughness both mentally & physically

Our system pushes you out of your comfort zone to experience your true potential

Train hard, train smart, train to survive

Don't wait to be a victim, start Krav Maga training with Combat Krav Maga today

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Krav Maga is a self-defence system originally developed in Israel for the military and later for civilians. It was born from the need for a system that is and applicable for everyone. Techniques are sourced from various forms of martial arts and modern fighting sports. It is best known for its primary focus on training under conditions that simulate real world situations, for it's simplicity and for its effectively brutal counter attacks. Krav Maga is used by the Israeli Defence Forces (regular and special forces), law enforcement and security personnel, and intelligence organizations around the world. 


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Krav Maga's primary goal as a self-defence system is threat neutralization, and de-escalation. Sometimes this is achievable by avoiding confrontation altogether, other times it requires neutralizing a threat and/or finishing a fight as quickly and effectively as possible through combined offensive and defensive maneuvers. Attacks are aimed at the most vulnerable parts of the body and utilize combinations that will get the job done as quickly as possible. The longer you are stuck in a fight, the less likely your chances are to survive and/or to make it out safely.

Other key elements of the system include:
-Developing and maintaining situational awareness
-The ability to turn on and off aggression in the face of a threat
-Defence against knives, firearms, batons and other dangerous weapons
-Defence against multiple attackers
-Ground defence
-Close quarter defence tactics
-Opponent neutralization
-Rapid situational adaptability
-Building mental and physical toughness
While Krav Maga training is challenging and physically demanding, the beauty of the system is its adaptability for anyone, regardless of size, strength, age, gender, level of experience and level of fitness.

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Krav Maga was derived from street fighting skills developed by Imi Lichtenfeild, a Hungarian-Jewish martial artist who used his skills to help defend Jewish quarters in Czechoslovakia in the mid 1930s. Following his immigration to Israel in the late 1940s, he began providing lessons on combat training to what is now known as the IDF. These lessons were developed into the system now known as traditional Krav Maga, and has since been refined for civilian, police, security and military personnel. Since then Krav Maga has become recognized around the world and is taught in various forms of intensity by larger corporate organizations and independent clubs alike. While some organizations stay closely connected to the original techniques of Krav Maga from Imi Lichtenfeild, others have studied and improved their tactics in order to modernize their defence techniques in a way that evolves with the threats of today's society.

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